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Delacon is founded in Steyregg, Austria, as a private company with own production facility by Helmut Dedl. Based on research in phytogenics carried out during the previous years, including scientific and field trials, a new kind of feed additives is introduced to the market - phytogenic feed additives. In the same year, the Delacon sales office in Hungary is founded.

Bioplagen is a manufacturer of biosafety and well-being products At Bioplagen we design key solutions for prevention, always guaranteeing optimal biosecurity with which we will achieve: Increase the PRODUCTIVITY of agricultural holdings Improve the WELFARE of farm and domestic animals Increase the RESISTANCE of animals to pathogens Improve the PROFITABILITY of the farmer WE HAVE THE EUROPEAN CAAE CERTIFICATION FOR PRODUCTS FOR ORGANIC FARMING, AGRICULTURE AND INDUSTRY. CAAE is the leading entity in ecological certification in Europe. Last year, 2022, it issued the certificate of conformity for several Bioplagen products for inputs for organic livestock farming.

Our business is to design and manufacture innovative animal health and hygiene solutions that improve performance in livestock farming. In 2004, we launched the TONIFARM range, plant-based physiological activators as a DE medication solution for farm animals. In 2008, it was with germinated barley that we started the FLORAFARM range, of Pre and Pro-bionics, real complements to the TONIFARM range. In 2011, the HEALTHYFARM range reinforces our permanent search for innovation and is launched with a 100% natural solution against external parasites in poultry farming.

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